About us

Every dining experience is unique. Classic recipes are passed down through families and different regions being adapted along the way to form new, unique dishes. At Mexico Clasico Grill, you’ll experience that same essence of the Mexican culinary culture and enjoy a great variety of menu options, colors, and flavors. Using Family recipes, but adding that special touch or ingredient to make it unique.

We use only the freshest, finest ingredients in all our dishes from our scratch-made salsas and sides. Our restaurant uses Real wood to grill meats, mortar and pestle to make tableside guacamole, cooking our dishes in heart-healthy Canola and Olive oil and making fresh tortillas by hand. You’ll get more than just food at Mexico Clasico Grill, you’ll also get a unique dining experience you won’t find anywhere else. It is an experience free from preservatives, yet full of passion, tradition, and love for the food.